Adiabatic Dry Cooler Refurb

Adiabatic Dry Air Coolers

Data Centre
May 24
16 Weeks

The Project

We were tasked to restore performance to 3 No. fatigued adiabatic dry air coolers (ADC’s) before summer 2024.   With long lead times for new units we delivered a comprehensive refurbishment of the existing units.  The units served critical infrastructure so a temporary chiller was used to maintain full capacity throughout the project. 

The ADC units themselves have had brand new coils and EC fans installed with all new electrical wiring and enclosures.  Fixed panels and framework were cleaned and treated and numerous fixings replaced.  Existing controls were retained but as always Terratherm’s USP was a comprehensive review of the system control setup and settings have been made.  In particular how often the water sprays will function to avoid over use of water and avoid degradation of performance over time.   Whilst water can be a useful way to economise high ambient cooling energy demands, it must be used carefully and sparingly to avoid degradation of the physical plant.  

Ongoing Work

We will be maintaining the plant for the foreseeable future to standby our assurance that a refurbishment approach can sometimes be the best sustainable solution all round.

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"Terratherm's professionalism and meticulous attention to detail were exceptional. They supplied, installed, and commissioned an outstanding air conditioning system for Senghennydd Hall and Birchwood University Hall in Cardiff. Their technical expertise and commitment to high standards were evident throughout the project. We highly recommend Terratherm for their exceptional service and look forward to future collaborations."