Cardiff Home Heated with Air Source Heat Pump

Heat pumps aren‘t for older houses? Think again!

Air source heat pump: WPL 25 ACS 

No upgrades to radiators.

300 m² 1901 home with double glazing and loft insulation but no floor insulation.

Heat pump specified to heat house, pool room and pool on 2 heating circuits.

October 23
2 weeks

The Project

Boiler replacement using existing wet radiator system.

System overview: WPL 25 ACS – our most powerful air source unit. Paired with an SBP 200 buffer tank and SBB 401 SOL hot water tank which combines with both heat pump and the solar thermal panels on the house. 

Results of Installation

› Zones of house heated by heat pump maintained at 18 degrees

 › Pool maintained at 28 degrees 

› Pool house kept at 29 degrees 

› Ample hot water 

› COP of 4

Versatility for Older Buildings

Dave Blackmore from Terratherm said, “Design and careful installation are critical when you are dealing with a project on a property like this with solid stone walls, relatively high heat losses and legacy systems to integrate. STIEBEL ELTRON helped us ensure the design was spot on for this challenging project to ensure that the customer got the result they were looking for. This project proves that heat pumps can be used sucessfully for older buildings when you chose the right products and have clear, achievable objectives to meet.“

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"Terratherm's professionalism and meticulous attention to detail were exceptional. They supplied, installed, and commissioned an outstanding air conditioning system for Senghennydd Hall and Birchwood University Hall in Cardiff. Their technical expertise and commitment to high standards were evident throughout the project. We highly recommend Terratherm for their exceptional service and look forward to future collaborations."