Consultancy and Support

We specialise in the design and management of cutting-edge, low-carbon, and high-efficiency air conditioning systems. Led by industry expert Alex Strong, our dedicated team delivers nationwide services offering a spectrum of solutions, from practical advice to comprehensive system design.

Your partner for high-efficiency HVAC solutions and sustainable practices.

High Efficiency Design and Management

We specialise in the design and management of state-of-the-art, low-carbon, high-efficiency air conditioning systems. Our comprehensive services include energy audits and expert solutions tailored to your specific needs.

TM44 Energy Audits

Our team conducts comprehensive TM44 energy audits on existing HVAC systems to identify cost-effective opportunities for energy savings. We also offer Carbon Footprint Assessments, expert refrigerant management, and guidance to comply with F-Gas and F-gas phase-down regulations, contributing to a sustainable future. With a strong presence in Wales and South England.

Solving Complex Design Challenges

With extensive experience in various cutting-edge technologies, including advanced heat pumps, VRV/VRF systems, and high-efficiency solutions, we excel in resolving intricate applied air conditioning design and management issues.

Retrofit Scheme Solutions

Provide tailored improvement and retrofit schemes designed for both DX air conditioning systems. These solutions are ideal for industrial process applications, data centers, and commercial buildings, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.
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Your Sustainability Partner

As energy prices continue to rise, the operational costs of air conditioning and heating systems have become a significant concern for businesses. Clients are increasingly focused on ensuring that both new and existing systems operate at peak efficiency, thereby minimising the total cost of ownership throughout the equipment’s lifespan.

Terratherm is committed to sustainable HVAC solutions. We specialise in high-efficiency air conditioning, providing expert energy audits and system optimisations. With the ever-increasing importance of minimising carbon footprints and energy consumption, our services have never been more vital.

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