Contract Maintenance

We continuously fine-tune your equipment’s efficiency, providing tailored contract maintenance services to meet your specific requirements and budget. Our contract maintenance solutions cover a wide range of air conditioning systems, including DX, ventilation and water based systems. Routine maintenance is key to reliability and efficiency, and our trained in-house engineers ensure your systems operate at their best.

24/7 Contract Maintenance Services.

Air Conditioning Service

Terratherm provides expert service and maintenance for air conditioning systems. Our services cover 24/7 call-outs for critical infrastructure, such as data centers, hospitals, financial services, and defense establishments.

F-Gas Compliance

We offer F-Gas compliance support for end users and facility management companies across the UK. Our services also encompass project management for air conditioning service and maintenance. Leveraging our profound knowledge, we aim to enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs, making compliance seamless.

Life Cycle and Maintenance

Terratherm stands by your side throughout your equipment's life cycle, adapting to your evolving needs. We continuously optimise equipment performance, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency, all while staying compliant with FGAS regulations.

Proactive Remote Monitoring

On request and where applicable, we can offer remote GSM monitoring gateways. This allows our engineers to monitor plant operations remotely. In case of issues, many can be resolved without site visits, minimising downtime and costs for our clients.
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At Terratherm, we go beyond traditional contract maintenance services by integrating FGAS-compliant practices into our comprehensive 24-hour solutions. With an extensive list of clients across the UK, Terratherm utilises its own experienced service engineers to promptly address any issues whilst minimising disruption. Our tailored services include planned maintenance programs and emergency callouts, ensuring the continuous operation of your systems while adhering to the latest F-Gas regulations. 

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