We are committed to delivering complete HVAC solutions that not only meet your unique needs but also ensure rigorous compliance with FGAS regulations.

Complete HVAC service and rigorous compliance with FGAS regulations.

F-Gas Services

Our F-Gas services encompass comprehensive solutions for your HVAC system. Precise Leak Testing and Repairs to Retrofits designed for enhanced efficiency, we ensure your system meets the highest standards of safety and performance.

Turbocor Expertise:

Experience the benefits of our specialised Danfoss TASP Services, where expertise meets cutting-edge technology. As an approved service provider, we ensure peak performance for your Turbocor systems, providing unparalleled service and reliability.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Our Maintenance and Upgrades services offer a comprehensive approach to system care. From routine Coil and Filter Cleaning/Replacement to advanced upgrades like EC Fan Upgrades, Compressor Replacements, and Split A/C Replacement Condensing Units/Indoor Units, we prioritise the longevity and efficiency of your HVAC systems.


We offer tailored refrigeration solutions to meet any of your cold storage temperature application requirements. Using the integration of bespoke controls and monitoring systems coupled with operation optimisation, our team can help you achieve energy reduction while ensuring high performance, reliability and continuity of the cold chain. Our experts are on hand to guide you from the design and installation to the maintenance of your refrigeration systems.

Advanced Monitoring

Stay in control with our Advanced Monitoring services. By utilising Data Logging and Remote Monitoring, we provide real-time insights into your system's performance. This ensures proactive measures to maintain optimal conditions, offering peace of mind and system reliability.

Efficiency Programs

Unlock your HVAC system's potential with our Efficiency Programs. From System Optimisation to Energy Metering Systems, we enhance efficiency and sustainability, ensuring optimal performance, cost-effectiveness, and environmental stewardship for your facility.


Our inspection services cover a comprehensive range, ensuring compliance and optimal system functioning. From TM44 AC inspections guaranteeing regulatory adherence to Refrigerant Leak Detection services providing an early warning system, we promote system longevity. Our assessments and recommendations aim to enhance performance and longevity.


Expert mechanical services to ensure longevity and performances of your chilled water and heat pump systems, from pipework design and installation to the supply and retrofit of circulation pumps of all makes and models including Grunfoss, Lowara, Calpeda and Wilo, We can also provide water treatment services and commissioning of closed loop water systems, including water analysis, chemical flushing and dosing, system optimisation, specialist filtration and water balancing.
Why Choose us

Safety, Efficiency, and Longevity.

Terratherm provides comprehensive HVAC solutions focused on safety, efficiency, and longevity. Explore our range of services, including F-Gas, Turbocor, Inspection, Efficiency, Maintenance, and Advanced Monitoring. Trust Terratherm for reliable and efficient HVAC systems, from tailored refrigeration solutions to expert mechanical services.