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At Terratherm, we are deeply committed to sustainability, ensuring that our efforts result in positive outcomes for our partners, people, project and practices.

Model of Sustainability

Our approach is guided by our model of sustainability, reflecting our dedication to act in a socially responsible and environmentally respectful manner while continuously measuring, evaluating, and increasing our sustainability efforts.

Model of Sustainability​ Terratherm Fan Logo


Collaborating as client-focused solution providers to deliver exceptional results to all stakeholders, all the time.


Educating, resourcing, and supporting our team for engagement and excellence in HVAC services.


Involvement in all phases of a project’s life before, during and after its HVAC installation.


Improving operations through measurement, communication and integration of sustainable HVAC practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility is Good Business

We understand the lasting impact our decisions have on our communities and environment. Terratherm places significant importance on corporate social responsibility. Our clients trust us to operate sustainably while delivering exceptional HVAC services. We encourage innovative solutions and efficiency to provide unsurpassed value.

Building Lasting Partnerships

Our success is built on strong partnerships with clients, consultants, trade contractors, suppliers, and industry associations. We believe in a collaborative approach, recognising that sustainable HVAC solutions require a team effort. Together, we tackle the complex challenges of HVAC design and construction while striving for higher levels of sustainable performance.


We specialise in low carbon and high-efficiency HVAC optimisations to reduce carbon footprints and energy consumption.


We hope that you find the report informative and that it provides better insight into our journey.