Ventilation system at Clini Supplies

Terratherm Ltd recently tendered and successfully won the contract for the supply, installation, and commissioning of a new clean room Ventilation system at Clini Supplies in Llanishen, Cardiff.

Feb 27
4 Weeks

The Project

The existing clean room was no longer fit for purpose and was increased in size to accommodate new manufacturing equipment. The project involved decommissioning and removal of the redundant HVAC system and associated services. The new HVAC system was designed in-house to meet the client’s specification.

Client Requirements

New clean room ventilation system designed to meet their specifications. They required the existing clean room to be expanded to accommodate new manufacturing equipment, necessitating the decommissioning and removal of the redundant HVAC system and associated services. Additionally, the client expected the project to be completed within a critical timeframe.

Product Selection

The clean room is served by a new CIAT Air Handling Unit and ventilation system, which was also designed and installed to meet the specification of the new clean room. The new Air Handling Unit is furnished with a 2-stage reversible DX coil, coupled to 2no Mitsubishi Electric Heat pump units, providing heating and cooling. The clean room HVAC system is fully controlled with a new Mechanical Control Panel, and the associated controls wiring infrastructure all delivered as part as the turn-key project.


The project was installed, commissioned, and successfully delivered within the critical timeframe set out by the client.

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"Terratherm's professionalism and meticulous attention to detail were exceptional. They supplied, installed, and commissioned an outstanding air conditioning system for Senghennydd Hall and Birchwood University Hall in Cardiff. Their technical expertise and commitment to high standards were evident throughout the project. We highly recommend Terratherm for their exceptional service and look forward to future collaborations."